“What can I say? I use Hardy Fitness bands all the time: on the training ground, pre-game and in recovery – I take them everywhere.”

Jordan Rhodes – Premiership Football player

“Having studyied Sports Science at Loughborough University, I understand the value of additional resistance during exercise. Whether looking to gain muscle or engage in active recovery, Hardy Fitness bands are the first choice.”

Dr Paul Brown – BSc Sport and Exercise Science

“I recommend that all my patients purchase resistance bands when recovering from an injury or surgery. Hardy Fitness bands are some of the best on the market and are robust enough for all my patients’ needs.”

Dr Ahmed Osman – General Practitioner

“Resistance bands are critical to the speed and quality of recovery following an injury. Hardy Fitness bands have proven reliable for my clients and the tiered resistance levels enable us to gradually increase the load as their rehabilitation progresses.”

Jess Rider – Physiotherapist

“A great product! The multiple levels of thickness enable us to tailor the resistance depending on the workout and the individual. For strength-building exercises we use the Extra-Heavy bands, but for cardio and conditioning we scale down and use the lighter bands.”

Andrew Dolan – Gym Owner & Personal Trainer

“Absolutely love Hardy Fitness and their resistance bands. These are the only bands I trust and I have used them with confidence throughout the recovery from two rotator cuff injuries.”

Alex Bibic – Professional Rugby Player